Prices, fees and payment

Every translation is individual and unique!

Since literal translations especially in technical terms and idioms to dramatic misinterpretations or harmless case Lach outbreaks when Done Run may, is the content and linguistic quality of the translation of the utmost importance.

However, other factors as eg. language combinations, mission-specific additional requirements or even quite simply to die quality of the source document, can make a translation service very expensive.

That explains you did a dieser bodies find no price list of fixed tariffs . I would be happy to make you an individual but, no obligation quote.

PS: Do you want to know in advance how to die price determination in detail designed ? Then I gave you  
      the following creates a document for download :

Faktoren der Preisermittlung für Übersetzungen
Preise Übersetzung, Lektorat, Sprachunte
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